Unconditional Networking

Of course you have heard of unconditional love before! The concept of just caring about someone regardless of “what’s in it for you.”

One of the strongest relationship building tactic, unconditional networking, is the act of showing someone you care about the relationship even when you are not currently doing business together (or need something).

It may seem like a fairly straight forward and simple concept, but in the practice of a extremely busy entrepreneur, it can often times be a bit taboo. To add to the complexity, it is important to understand the equally busy schedules of your compadres, often times leaving people avoiding any contact without purpose.

In order to tackle this successfully, but some care into it. First, acknowledge that fostering a relationship in the troughs will only make peaks that much more rewarding. Second, look and analyze the individuals and ask yourself, “What are they interested in outside of the office?”

In my experience I had a valued relationship that I had once did a successful deal with years ago, and in working together I learned he was an intense “foody”. So, in order to keep the relationship, every 6 months or so, I send him something to do with food. Specifically, my last engagement was me sending him a subscription to a daily “chef” program which ships you premium ingredients and recipes to cook up for dinner.

Your goal in the end is to always keep the candle lit, just in case you ever need a guiding light.