Making the Connection

Today I had an individual reach out to me via LinkedIn, looking to be connected with another prominent VC, as well as, investor in many high profile startups.
To be honest, at first I had to look back through my email inbox to find some context that could jog my memory about this individual. Once I did, a fairly quick sequence of thoughts followed, anchored by two main questions: “should I extend my personal brand on his behalf?”, and “would he be a good reflection of myself?”

Having already read through a couple of our original threads, I already knew that he presented himself well in written form. So, quickly I sparked my brain to think back to the last time we were on the phone: was he courteous? well spoken? did he ultimately deliver on all promises?

Now, luckily for me, when it comes to recollecting past conversations or meetings with individuals, I have a nearly photographic memory if Im provided the relative time and context 😉

End of the day, after applying myself for roughly 5 min towards vetting out the viability of this connection, I can happily profess that he successfully passed the risk test, and that the connection was made. Having caught myself running through this thought process, I figured, “why not share,” with a full understanding of how valuable it may be to know what goes into making the connection!